Bridge Program


Complex view, consent, true change

When we face a widespread, lasting organizational conflict, it is not always easy to predict which method would serve the best to help the situation. Bridge Program provides a solution for such a dilemma by offering a flexible access to coaching, mediation and consulting tools, as well.

Such inspiring processes may require plenty of attention and spontaneous insights. You may benefit from this level of commitment by experiencing a true and sustainable change.

We search for your solutions in a complex, highly integrated manner in Bridge Program. This is particularly needed if a situation involves more than one person and, hence, calls for mediation. In addition, personal coaching is recommended to provide the stakeholders of situation with a deeper understanding of the case and to design their exact future steps. 

This can be supported by international business relations consulting, too, in cross-country or multicultural organizations. 

Bridge Program is an efficient solution to support cooperations within a project, between companies or key players of an organization or cross-country units within a group etc. 

While Bridge Program is very flexible, it is entirely transparent at the same time. We may choose between a tool from a rich toolkit but it is always clear which method we are applying (e.g. mediation or individual coaching process) and how that would be beneficial for the participants.


Bridge Program saves your time and energy by providing a high-scale, integrated visibility of the issues involved in a change process to the consultant and by creating a wide consent on the actions to be taken. The consultant can also make sure that the in the process create a synergy rather than causing new conflicts. Also, individual coaching session ensure that the desired changes are integrated in-depth to the life of the organization. 


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