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‘Stay At Home’ Counseling

Big hello,

My name is Reka Koltai, I #stayathome these weeks in Budapest, Hungary, sharing my house with my family.

I am reaching out to you to share my knowledge with you, to help you find ways to cope with this unprecedented and rapidly changing situation.

I’m here to talk to you, connect with you and to help you to connect better with your loved ones or like-minded people. We are here to preserve health, safe connections and mental balance while staying at home.




I strongly believe that the world is a better place when a good coach is behind us. Coaching is a series of supportive discussions where we aim to facilitate changes; changes with the person at their center.

It is a guided process that gives room also for your personal voice and spontaneous findings. We search for truly useful, tailored and sustainable solutions in coaching.

Trust, attention, commitment, true change – that’s what I ensure you in our consultations.


Mediation is becoming a key method in shaping organizational culture. As the realm of work is becoming faster and faster, tasks and the environment in which change takes place tends to become more complex – this could result in conflicts, misunderstanding.

Mediation can convert unresolved conflict into dialogue, improving the quality of the work atmosphere, making an ease on the people involved. It can be applied on a range of situations, including a conflict between two people or between units, companies. We give new grounds for solid, sustainable cooperations.

Bridge program

Complex view, consent, true change

When we face a widespread, lasting organizational conflict, it is not always easy to predict which method would serve the best to help the situation. Bridge Program provides a solution for such a dilemma by offering a flexible access to coaching, mediation and consulting tools, as well.

Such inspiring processes may require plenty of attention and spontaneous insights. You may benefit from this level of commitment by experiencing a true and sustainable change.


About Me

My name is Réka Koltai and I am a coach, mediator and consultant.

I am truly committed to improve the quality of cooperations among people and to facilitate the right changes, as well in your business and in your private life. My heartfelt mission is to support cross-cultural business relationships.  

I lead business players to success with a variety of methods in the issues that currently matter to them the most. 

Listening, understanding my partner is my passion. My aim is to lead you to achieve your goals set during the change process by listening carefully to your needs. I truly believe that every sustainable change has the person at its center.

Our Values

“Sustainable change always has the person at its center”

My main goal is to ensure values for my clients that truly make a difference. I am committed to give you my attention, interest and a safe space where human voice is heard, first steps for change can be taken, true change can start and cooperations renewI believe in partnership, in common work and in the transformative power of unbiased listening as a coach and mediator. The foundations of my consulting besides professionalism is to empower my clients with new, tailored, well-applicable solutions.

My focus is always on the results, in line with the client’s personal agenda. I believe that the key component to success besides our ability and power for change is to accept our human voice, as well. I often experience that coming to terms with our own vulnerability often leads to a more authentic identity, self-confidence and even to a more confident communication.

It’s always great to share the joy for my clients’ success and to think what to improve next.

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