What is coaching?


 I strongly believe that the world is a better place when a good coach is behind us. 

Coaching is a series of supportive discussions where we aim to facilitate the changes on your agenda. During a coaching process we:  

  • identify your goals 
  • map your opportunities and
  • walk you on your journey to implement the changes you’ve planned for. 

We align your goals not only with your personality but also with the dynamics of the environment where change shall take place as a result of the coaching series. This makes coaching more than a mere, pragmatic goal-setting procedure, as it may enrich the participant with lots of insights on his or her life and self-development. Why is that beneficial? 

Because responsible, self-knowedge based decisions lead to a lasting, true change. 

How could I benefit from a coaching process?

We search for useful, tailored, sustainable solutions with vast space for a personal voice and spontaneous findings in self-awareness. According to the widely acknowledged philosophy of coacing the answer to certain issues lies not at the coach but deep within the client itself. 

An inspiring coaching process helps you to see the variety of viewpoints and opportunities. It helps you to find what you can commit to the most. If you become uncertain during the implementation of your plans, we’re here to walk with you on your journey. You may move forward and regain control over your change process with a variety of coaching methods. We aim to find the solutions most suitable for you and to fine-tune them when needed. 

Trust, attention, commitment, true change – that’s what I ensure you in our consultations. 


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