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My name is Réka Koltai and I am a coach, mediator and consultant.

I am truly committed to improve the quality of cooperations among people and to facilitate the right changes, as well in your business and in your private life. My heartfelt mission is to support cross-cultural business relationships.  

I lead business players to success with a variety of methods in the issues that currently matter to you the most.  Roll down to see My mission or My journey to consulting. 


As the founder of Bridge Solutions, I support individuals and organizations to develop their culture of a successful yet happy working environment and to learn to achieve their goals. I am here to search for your solutions that are:

  • tailored
  • authentic
  • mutually agreed and
  • sustainable on the long-run.


I am truly committed to improve the quality of cooperation between the colleagues of a business unit, teams, projects, leaders or companies. My toolkit includes coaching, mediation and consulting as I do believe that every client, every situation demands an approach of its own. We may switch between the best tools within a process but we always keep the framework clear.

My heartfelt mission is to support cross-cultural relationships. It can be really challenging for business players with multiple locations or foreign partners to work together in a multi-cultural environment. In Bridge Solutions, we are dedicated to find common grounds for their cooperation, synergies between their knowledge and, last but not least, mutually fine and applicable solutions. Our approach is based on many levels of international business experience plus top international business relations methods and research results.

On top, I am always thrilled and humbled to step beyond the business arena and help my clients with their private life goals, too.

Experience shows that the development of work and private goals is often closely linked together. I am here to lead you through your journey and to let you experience how it feels to be in

My journey to consulting

The foundations of the consulting offered by Bridge Solutions are:

    • rich coaching and mediation toolkit
    • fresh international knowledge 
    • abundant experience

What sort of experience is our service based on?  

I got engaged with coaching and mediation as an organic next step after a successful international career in finance.

I felt the most comfortable with rather innovative roles on my path, such as project or business development lead. My corporate activities demanded a complex, solution-oriented working attitude.

My life has been international in a couple of ways. My studies, my private life, my work … each of them had a scene abroad. As a result, nurturing cross-border relationships has become a heartfelt mission by now.

I was involved in exciting international tasks with a great demand for a high-scale, well-coordinated cross-country cooperation when I worked in the headquarters of Intesa Sanpaolo (ISP) Bank, Milan, Italy. One of the highlights of my career was to lead the business unit for financial investments for retail clients in CIB Bank (Hungary), local bank of the ISP Group. Aligning our daily job with the central initiatives had been a subtle art, bringing me to conclusions that have become the foundations of my work today.

I experienced that the realm of work was becoming faster and faster and that the tasks and the environment in which change happened was becoming more and more complex. Therefore, the value of flexibility, readiness for change and for multilateral cooperations is rising steadily. This a quite inspiring, yet challenging aspect of today’s fast paced, global work. I truly believe, at the same time, that these are key components of your future success.

I had a strong call to a new working style after my beloved son was born.

This call included a deep integration of the new components of success to my and to others’ work. I felt the need to give space for personal experience, sensitivity and authenticity in business and to align with them organizational goals. This will lead to a more sustainable effort, success and growth. My aim is to ensure these results for you on our consultations.


Growth and development are integral parts of my life. I carry lots of values with myself: 

I believe as a coach that every good and sustainable change has the person in the center. Let us provide room for spontaneous and personal aspects in the process of reengineering dysfunctional processes, team work etc.

I’ve learned as a mediator that listening to and understanding each other mutually can be a solid base for true, re-energized cooperations. 

My corporate career has brought me to understand the need for dialogue, clear common goals and a shared feeling of success. Let’s not be afraid ask and follow up on the hard questions: Are we heading the right way? It is worth to be open for new solutions.

“Commerce may be global but culture isn’t.” (Pedro Pina, Google) My international history tells that listening, kindness, authenticity and respect can give a real boost for all sorts of cooperations. It’s a good investment to master ourselves in them.

I know as a mother that any effort can be sustained if they serve a higher meaning, helping us to get closer to the personal missions of our lives. Well, in my case, this mission is to raise my beautiful, talented child in the best possible manner – and working with people, improving their private and business situations is the job is a real support for this mission. It keeps me alive, it keeps me connected, it keeps me alive. I truly believe that once we match your goals with your higher purposes, your change is mostly set on track.

Let’s create change by a balance in the heart, mind, reality and opportunities.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


“Commerce may be global but culture isn’t.”

Pedro Pina (Google)

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