Life Coaching


„Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” (Brene Brown)


I strongly believe that the world is a better place when a good coach is behind us. Why? 


Life coaching is aimed to help you meet goals in your personal or work life by guiding you in the right direction. By’right direction’, I clearly mean a state that is right for you, not for someone looking at you from the outside. 


Life coaching helps you unfold the goals you’d truly like to meet and empowers you with the tools and motivation to reach them. As a result, you may feel more:

  • light
  • free and 
  • safe 

 Join my life coaching sessions to experience a true change process! 

When you lack clarity what to do, have unresolved dilemmas, difficult relationship patterns or a tendency for procrastination etc., any decision can cost an amount of energy even in simple everyday situations. Does it sound familiar to you?


I’m here to help you to earn clarity on your goals, to break your self-limiting belief patterns and to act with responsibility and care to achieve what you’ve aimed for if you are searching for:


    • ways to re-engineer the dynamics of an important relationship
    • a career change, looking for a way to live in a way that suits to your lifestyle, your norms, your priorities, 
    • a better match between your life and your work goals, trying to find a balance,
    • a more prosperous flow of income,
    • support and inspiration to stand up for your goals or 
    • „simply” a deeper understanding of yourself, your authenticity
  • recognition, empowerment and a human voice. 


There’s a lot of room for spontaneous, yet deeply true insights in this process. 

If you engage in a life coaching series, you’ll be guided through all the relevant aspects of your theme, having gall your opportunities explored and evaluated. You’ll be inspired to take your actions – first and most of all, you’ll be seen, heard and understood. 


Trust, attention, commitment, true change – that’s what I ensure you in our consultations. 


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