What is mediation good for? 

Mediation is the art of transforming conflict into cooperation. It gives ground for solid and sustainable cooperations, therefore, it is becoming a key method for shaping the organizational culture.

As the realm of work is becoming faster and faster, tasks and the environment in which change takes place tends to become more complex – this could result in conflicts, misunderstanding. 

Mediation can transform unresolved conflict into dialogue, improving the quality of the work atmosphere, making an ease on the people involved. I support the participants of the mediation process as an unbiased party in order to improve the participants’ understanding of each others’ viewpoint. 

The primary purpose of mediation is not to facilitate a complete understanding between the parties involved. It rather empowers them to recognize the other’s viewpoint and to start a dialogue with each other by integrating this knowledge. The conflict resolution process is successful if the agreement is acceptable for all participants. 

A range of business situations may call for mediation, including a conflict between two or a few people or between organizational units, companies

Conflicts may arise from a lack of good communication or from a deeper, structural reason. I am always delighted to see if a conflict is resolved by an organization’s internal resources, by applying a more thoughtful communication and by making the right decisions necessary for ending the tension. Sometimes conflict management reaches a point with no more progress in sight; Bridge Solutions is here for you if that happens.


How can a third party help?

Mediators are efficient because they are: 

  • unbiased
  • confidential
  • non-judgemental, empathetic
  • experts of transforming a conflict into cooperation 
  • providing a professional method for resolving a conflict which can be later incorporated in the usual organizational life, too


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